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The Importance Of Tags

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  • The Importance Of Tags

    I'm often asked what tags are for, what they do and why they're so important. This is a short discussion on tags and why I stress about them so much to users and encourage more tags to be added to albums.

    What are tags?
    Tags are a type of category albums can be placed in. In the past albums were sorted by a single category (ex. Yuri/Anime etc.). This was a very rigid way of organizing and made it difficult when doujin & albums had a mix of different categories they could be placed in. Tags are a new system which counteracts that problem. They allow users to set more than one "category" for their albums making it possible to classify their albums with multiple names.

    Why are tags important?
    Tags are the main way used on HentaiMate by users to look for albums. A user searching for albums will enter tags they're interested in and the search engine will bring up albums that have those tags. The more tags you add to an album the more likely someone will find it! It also helps us in SEO (search engine optimization) which is a fancy way of saying "getting into google results". We want more people to join and google is the best way for people to find us, using tags gives google keywords to latch onto and gives us a better chance of getting potential users. The more users, the faster this community will grow!

    Why do I have to add atleast three tags per album?
    There was no real reason that I chose three tags, for me that was an arbitrary choice made on the basis that two was too little and four was too many. With atleast three tags per album I feel more confident its properly categorized and that someone will be able to find it with ease when searching.

    And there you have it, everything about tags. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

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    This was helpful since I had never heard of tags before today.


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      Glad it was useful to someone


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        Thanks for that, Tags are a good idea, Fapping made Easy aye?


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          how could i create a new tag??? o.o


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            It's helpful。 棒极了


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              nice to know =)